Osallisuus minun näkökulmastani: Sahar Qasim Ahmed

How have you got your voice heard in Finnish society?

It is important to try all the time whenever you want your voice to be heard. In my case I never stop trying and will do multiple attempts. I will make my voice heard and it is up to the person whether he takes it or not. The most important part is being able to express yourself and never quit doing it.

How are your dreams, goals and dreams supported?

My current study is not my dream study but at the same time I didn’t want to waste time sitting at home, so I started my current degree program.  I would like to study what I want once I graduate and make my dream come true. I want to be a painter and hopefully will pursue a painting career very soon in the future.

What kind of things make you feel part of Finnish society? What affects that feeling?

Support which I get from teachers is very important. They always ask me if I am absent at school. In my country teachers would not care much about my absence and would not ask any questions. I receive help and support from different places and services. I like that there is support for education. I do not need to finance my studies unlike in my country where I have to pay for my education myself. There are good opportunities and a good future here.

What kind of things have made it harder to feel?

Mostly racism and discrimination makes it harder to belong to Finnish society. Also cultural differences. For example, they say it is rude to look or stare at people in Finland. At the same time local people themselves stare at you while it is considered rude. Language makes it hard to belong to Finnish society.